Who I am

Hello. Who might you be?

I’m Friya and I’m a creative copywriter working for some of Europe’s biggest brands. I cut my teeth at Virgin Media, starting as a junior copywriter and ending as a senior one, then moved on to being the Lead Writer at Eurostar, all the while freelancing for various brands in my spare time. Now I’ve gone free range full time.

What kind of brands do you work with?

Oh, every kind. Plucky little startups, big behemoths, one-man-and-his-laptop – I’ve worked for all kinds of organisations and it’s one of the things I love most about my job.

What sort of copy do you write?

I can adapt to any tone of voice and I can also create one for you, but my favourite sort of copy is warm, human, lively and engaging. I don’t believe that copy has to be formal, jargon-filled and verbose to be professional, which you can tell from the work I’ve done so far.

Any awards under your belt?

Well, since you ask, I do have a pretty little Transform Award for Best Copy/Tone of Voice 2014 for Eurostar with The Clearing.